Sunday, September 14, 2014

Self-reflection 9/14/14

Each morning at our meeting, one of our discussions revolves around self-reflection. What went well? What can we work on?

Not everyone is required to participate, but if someone wants to share, they may. Daily, even in 3rd, we have kiddos who think they can do better. I should work on listening to the speaker. I did better yesterday, but I can still get better at raising my hand to leave my seat. I join the kids in self-reflection, but it's a kid-friendly version and I thought it could do worlds of good for me to actually be completely honest and self-reflect once a week. 

Here we go.

What went well:

*Our introduction to what characteristics a good citizen has to tie in with social studies and first week expectations. On the carpet, we talked about what a good citizen does. Partners shared, we added ideas to our chart, and each kiddo went back to their seat with two Post-its in the shape of a heart. They were to write one good citizen characteristic on each heart. 

While they worked, I hung up a chart split into three categories: Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn. As they completed their hearts, they came up and decided what category their characteristic belonged in. Friends were at the chart at the same time, so discussions were had when individuals weren't sure. A couple kids came to me saying they just didn't know where to put their heart. I told them the class would help them decide and we did. 

As closure, we discussed how most good citizen characteristics belong in one if these three categories and that if we're to be good citizens, we try always to be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. The lesson also led nicely to a paragraph writing sesh later in the week about how the kids have been good citizens by doing something in each of the three categories. 

The whole lesson went beautifully. 

A good citizen "makes as much peas as possible". Did you hear my heart melt?

*Multiplication! I am so amazed with my kids this year. Multiplication the second week of third grade! And they get it! We started with equal groups last week and are moving into arrays this week. 

What to work on:

*I'm struggling most with work/life balance. I'm giving about 95% of myself to work, 5% to home, husband, and pup and 0% to me. I'm a big "just one more thing!" lady and can already feel its negative effects. 

Any advice on finding time for your spouse and yourself when the to do list is so massive you need to organize your to do list? How do you take a moment for yourself or spend time with family when you're constantly thinking about what you need to get done for work?

Here's to a productive, healthy, happy week! 


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